The mission of the Penn State Center for Women’s Health Research is to promote research on women’s health ­ and on sex/gender differences related to health ­ by supporting a network of faculty members in multiple disciplines who are interested in research collaborations to study various aspects of women’s health. The Center maintains information about active projects, data sets, and funding opportunities; promotes the development of interdisciplinary research teams around specific topics; provides mentoring opportunities for junior faculty members; and facilitates preparation of grant applications. The goal is to advance the science and contribute to the development of health promotion, disease prevention, health services delivery, and health policy approaches to improving women’s health and well­being across the life span.


The Penn State Center for Women's Health Research shares the following resources for thinking about and conducting research on sex and gender:

NIH Statement: Considering Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV) in NIH-funded Research:

Expanded Rationale for NIH policy of SABV:


FDA Policy on the Inclusion of Women in Clinical Trials: